5 Key Steps You Can Take To Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Cancer is often unpredictable, but there are things you can do to help reduce your risk of developing this disease. Here are 6 cancer prevention steps that can help you live a longer and healthier life.

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Cancer Prevention Basics: 4 Steps to Help Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Cancer is often unpredictable, but there are certain things you can do to lower your risk of getting the disease, or improving your chances of beating it when you do get it. Some of these tips can also help lower your risk of other serious diseases and boost your odds of living a longer and healthier life.

Here are 4 cancer prevention steps you should take:

  1. Get to and maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight is a risk factor for many different types of cancers, including breast, kidney, and colon cancer. Make sure to control and maintain your weight through healthy eating and regular exercise.
  1. Get regular cancer screening tests. The earlier you detect cancer, the better. Regular screening tests can catch some cancers early, when they have not spread, and are thus easier to treat. Such tests can even help prevent certain cancers, such as colon and cervical cancers from developing in the first place.
  1. Avoid tobacco: Did you know that 80% of lung cancer and 30% of all cancer deaths are a result of tobacco use? If you don’t use tobacco, don’t start, and if you do, you should talk to your doctor about taking the appropriate steps to quit.
  1. Be careful about your alcohol intake. Did you know that alcohol can increase your risk for certain kinds of cancers, including breast, mouth, and liver cancer? The more alcohol you drink, the higher your risk. In general, men should have no more than 2 drinks a day and women no more than 1.


Lower Your Cancer Risk By Sticking to a Healthy Diet

Research has shown that eating a variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and fish, is linked to a lower risk of developing certain cancers, while eating more processed and red meat is linked to a higher risk of developing certain cancers.

That’s why it’s recommended that you:

  • Choose breads, pastas, and cereals which are made from whole grains instead of refined grains.
  • Eat fewer sweets
  • Consume less red meat (eg. beef, lamb and pork) as well as less processed meat (eg. bacon, sausage, and hot dogs).
  • Eat at least 2 and a half cups of vegetables and fruits every day.


Live Your Best and Healthiest Life With You 2.0 Wellness App

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