8 Significant Factors in Cancer Protection That You Control

February 4th is World Cancer Day. Cancer is a critical global health issue and this day is meant to bring awareness and to encourage prevention, detection, and treatment. While some aspects of cancer are genetic, here are 8 significant factors in cancer prevention that you can control.

Most of the cancer prevention factors in our control require the formation of new habits. There are several steps to creating new habits:

  • Know your motivation
  • Choose measurable goals
  • Plan ahead for times that will be challenging
  • Determine what the cue will be for your new good habit
  • Follow a routine and reward yourself


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8 Significant Factors in Cancer Protection That You Control

1. Weight

Being overweight or obese increases the risk of many types of cancer. The recommendation is to be as lean as possible. Losing even a small amount of weight has significant health benefits.

2. Alcohol Consumption

While a minimal to moderate amount of alcohol may have health benefits, higher alcohol consumption increases the risk of bowel, breast, mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophageal, liver and stomach cancer. The current recommendation is no more than one serving of alcohol per day.

3. Physical Activity

Reduced body fat helps to reduce the risk of colon, breast and endometrial cancer. A sedentary lifestyle, which includes a lot of sitting, lying and watching tv or other screens is better replaced with an active lifestyle. It is recommended that you aim for 150 minutes weekly of moderate exercise. This can be walking, dancing, swimming, biking or any other activity that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat.

4. Healthy Diet

Keep the amount of red meat, processed meat, and salted food you eat to a minimum. What should you eat instead? It has been proven that a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and healthy fats help to protect you from not only cancer but many other possible health concerns as well.

5. Quit Smoking

Smoking is the cause of 22% of all cancer deaths. Tobacco contains 80 cancer-causing substances so smoking and chewing tobacco increases the risk of lung, mouth and other cancers.

6. Workplace Hazards

Be aware of your workplace and any carcinogens that might be present including asbestos, arsenic, radon and ionizing radiation. Make sure that your workplace takes appropriate measures to inform, educate, and protect you as an employee.

7. Exposure to Sun

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, lamps and tanning beds. You can’t feel UV light so it’s difficult to know how much is too much. Be aware of the UV index and choose to spend most of your time outside when the intensity is low to moderate. Remember that the reflection of the sun off water or sand will increase the intensity.

8. Infections

Viruses do not cause cancer, but certain viruses can cause cellular changes that make them more likely to become cancerous. Viruses including HPV, Hep B & C and Epstein Barr each put you at an increased risk of cancer.


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