9 Easy Steps For Managing Your Stress

Did you decide that this would be the year you would focus on wellness? Do you want to improve your health but are unsure about what to do first? Start with our 9 easy steps for managing your stress.

The symptoms of stress vary, from difficulty concentrating to frequent headaches and stomach issues. Stress takes a toll on our bodies and if it continues over time, it can cause serious health issues including:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Higher risk of heart attack
  • Higher risk of stroke
  • Increased chance of cancer
  • Higher possibility of diabetes

Stress reduction can help us to feel more energetic and excited about life. It is also an important key to cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, and improved overall wellness.

Learning to manage stress will take some time. You will need to replace old habits with new ones but making lasting changes, even when they are beneficial, can be a challenge. We all need information, guidance, and support.

The You 2.0 Wellness APP was created with the establishment of healthy habits in mind. We know that it takes more than wanting a healthy life to make the necessary changes.

Let us help you make it easier!



9 Easy Steps For Managing Your Stress


1. Eat Well

When we are stressed, the hormone cortisol can cause a spike in sugar and fat craving. The reality of cortisol plus high sugar in our diet results in fat around the internal organs increasing your risk of heart attack, cancer, and diabetes.

Opting for fresh fruits and vegetables instead will provide you with the high energy you require while protecting your health.

For simple meal planning, eating a rainbow of colours every day will provide a variety of nutrients.


2. Learn to Say No

Each time we say “yes” we automatically say no to something else. Often saying yes to a task or commitment that you would rather not do, or don’t have time for, means saying no to yourself. A first step in learning to say no is to ask for time to consider your response. Give yourself a chance to consider what you may be saying no to before answering.


3. Breathe and Meditate

Just breathing deeply for 5 minutes and focusing on your breathing can help to reduce psychological stress. Engaging in a daily practice of meditation, whether it’s silent or a visual meditation led by someone, will help you to establish stress-free moments in your day. You may eventually find that the calm you feel during your meditation sessions is more present in your daily life.


4. Exercise

Exercise has been shown to play an important part in stress reduction.

Even a brisk 30-minute walk or dance session will help to lower your stress levels. Exercise also improves sleep, which is another key to a stress-free life.


5. Sleep

To sleep well avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption in the evening. Create a sleeping space that is clean and cool and dark. Put your phone away and turn off your computer 90 minutes before you plan to sleep. This includes weekends because it’s important to be consistent in your routine.


6. Ask for Help

Help might come on a variety of levels. Maybe you need to ask someone in your social group for time or help on a personal level. At work, you might need to ask for support on a project or task.


7. Spend Time Outside

Time spent in green space results in an elevated mood. Research has found that watching nature videos can also reduce stress, so if you are unable to be outside today, find a lovely video to watch.


8. Laugh and Have Fun

Spending time with family and friends can be a great way to relieve stress. Read, sing, dance, watch movies – carve out time to do things that you enjoy. Laughter can reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions.


9. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Focusing, for even a few minutes, on what you are grateful for helps to create a more positive mindset. It can help increase your emotional resilience and allow you to become more optimistic.


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