The 3 Most Important Steps to Improving Self Control

Are you more likely to hit the snooze button than jump out of bed on a more challenging day? Do you transport your gym bag back and forth to work in the car with every intention of today being the day you will make it there? We offer the 3 most important steps to improving Self Control.

Our wellness journeys often face obstacles including procrastination and laziness. Some days, in spite of our best intentions, we seem to sabotage our own best efforts. Most of us believe that our personalities are at least partly to blame. We just don’t have much self-control or will power.

What if you were to discover that self-control can be developed, similar to creating a new set of habits to support the actions you would like to automatically run your life? If you feel that you naturally don’t have a great self-control, it simply means you haven’t yet learned the skills and strategies you require to claim control over the various aspects of your life.

You 2.0 Can Support Self-Control Mastery

The You 2.0 Wellness APP can support you while you learn and hone the steps toward mastering self-control. We tasked our team (including medical professionals) to create an APP that would guide you on the path to the formation of healthy, supportive, nourishing habits.

Sounds like something you would like to try?



3 Most Powerful Steps to Improving Self Control

Have you heard about the Marshmallow Test? A group of researchers led by Dr. Mischel, studied when, how and why a young child would give up the temptation of one marshmallow, in the present, for the uncertain promise of two marshmallows in the future (not too distant, but still excruciatingly long for a child).

They used different circumstances to determine the coping mechanisms that led to success and then applied these learning to a new group of kids who were able to perform even better.

1. Strategize

The Marshmallow test experiments gave Dr. Mischel a powerful perspective on where to start. He learned that the best approach is to plan what action to take in response to a trigger:

  • Create if… then… strategies for emotionally charged situations
  • Attach your strategies to strong visualizations of positive self-image
  • Focus on the next achievable small step rather than the large end goal
  • Choose to do one extra thing today



2. Develop Your Growth Mindset

A growth mindset affirms our ability to reshape ourselves through continual learning. Carol Dweck (known for her work in the mindset field) discovered the power of the term “not yet…” when applied to learning new skills or developing new habits. This concept supports the idea that abilities can be developed which allow us to:

  • Process what we need to change
  • Learn how to make the changes
  • Correct as we go
  • Dream big

To develop your growth mindset and make use of the power of “not yet” , make sure to always acknowledge the process and celebrate your:

  • Efforts
  • Strategies
  • Perseverance
  • Improvement

3. Ignite Your Optimism

Constantly review your level of openness to possibilities. Are you on a journey of learning?

Here is a useful test:

  • Find a quiet moment to reflect on your day or week.
  • Think about a moment recently when you were aware of your optimism and growth mindset.
  • Make a journal entry to record it. You want to learn to be aware of these moments, to make them vivid in your memory.

Remember, 4-year old children were able to come up with creative strategies to combat the marshmallow temptation. When you implement these tools and strategies to support the growth of your self-control, you will be on your way to more self-awareness, more use of your executive function, and more self-control!



Become the Master of Your Life

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